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The body has its own self-healing and self-regulating systems. When you get ill or are in pain, there is/are obstructions that are not allowing your healing elements to do their job. These obstructions can be mal-alignments in your bones, musculoskeletal, fascia or ligamentous structures, that impede the flow of the nerves and blood - that give life, or the lymphatics or the drainage (veins) - which take away metabolic waste. Osteopathic practitioners use a variety of principle based manual techniques in order to reduce or remove these restrictions in order to restore the normal physiological function of the body, which allows the body to start the healing process.

Osteopathic practitioners do not heal, but facilitate the bodies own natural healing by using a variety of principle based techniques. Using the patients own anatomy to correct the mal-alignment allows the body to take on the treatment more readily without a shock to the nervous system and at the same time integrating the correction with the rest of the body. This helps the treatment hold while also taking out the lines of force that caused the mal-alignment in the first place. Treating the cause, not the effects/systems.

Osteopathy is first and foremost a study of association. Using our complete knowledge of anatomy and mechanics and the functions of the physiology, we can assess the patient and use our findings structurally to coordinate with the symptoms they are experiencing. This allows us to form a complete picture, aiding in effectively assessing and finding the root cause of the patients illness or pain.

Osteopathy follows 4 basic principles

1. Each structure in the body supports the body’s functions and vice versa. If a structure is mal-aligned, damaged, or otherwise not in good working order, the body will not function at its best.

2. The natural flow of the body’s fluids - lymphatic, vascular, and neurological - must be preserved and maintained and their pathways clear, free from obstruction in order to have health.

3. The body is the sum or all its parts, it is physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive systems don’t work independently - they work in harmony when in homeostasis

4. When the body is free from obstruction , it has the inherent ability to heal itself and self regulate.

Many people, including the geriatric and paediatric population can benefit greatly from Osteopathic treatment. The various approaches to treatment help to ease pain, reduces swelling, reduce tissue tension, and promote healing. We do not do high velocity thrust, all adjustments are thought into place, we create space before easing the structure back into position. Osteopathic Practitioners work to address the restrictions in the following systems;